Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Frames
  • How weather resistant is the sign frame?
  • The frame is made of aluminum extrusion with a powder coat finish and is very weather resistant. It is designed to contain weather resistant and vandal resistant sign materials which do not need additional protection from weather. If you are using sign materials which are not weather resistant, you may want to use an acrylic or polycarbonate sheet to protect your document.
  • Is an acrylic polycarbonate sheet included in the cost of frames?
  • No. Our frames were originally designed for weather resistant and vandal resistant sign materials. Acrylic or polycarbonate sheets can be used to protect "temporary" signs from the weather. If you are making your signs with laminated paper or cardstock, you will want to protect the sign with an acrylic or polycarbonate sheet. You may choose to purchase the acrylic or polycarbonate sheet at a local hardware store, or BEST-EXhibits. can quote it for you. We will quote 0.118” thick material, however, thicker material can be quoted if desired.
  • What is the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate?
  • Acrylic is sold under the trade name Plexiglass® and polycarbonate is sold under the trade name Tuffak® or Makrolon®. The plastics manufacturer we work with says that acrylic is more weatherable than polycarbonate, is slightly more scratch resistant, and is more economical than polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has greater impact resistance than acrylic, and is more expensive.
  • How long will a sign printed on paper last?
  • Please refer to your printer for this information.
  • What type of sign materials fit in the BEST-EXhibits frame?
  • Our frames are designed to be used for all types of sign materials – fiberglass embedments, high pressure laminates, lexan aluminate, and many others. Our standard frames hold sign materials up to 1/8" thick. Custom frames to hold thicker materials are available and sign thickness must be specified at time of order.
  • Is assembly hardware included with the frame?
  • Assembly hardware is included with all frames and exhibit bases. Drive rivets are included with the NPS-Style frames which attach the frame to the posts. Pedestals are not furnished with hardware. Please see your sign manufacturer for the hardware to attach self supporting sign materials to our pedestals. Installation hardware for surface mounting is not provided. For this hardware you need to talk to your installer regarding the specifics for the surface to which you are attaching.
  • At what height should my sign be mounted?
  • Generally, the bottom edge of the frame should be at 28”- 32” from the ground. That is a recommendation by the National Park Service.
  • How much margin do I need to leave around the edge of my sign which will be covered by the frame?
  • It is best to leave a 5/8” margin where there is no printing around all edges of your sign.

Exhibit Bases
  • What is an Exhibit Base?
  • Your BEST-EXhibits frame can be attached to an exhibit base which consists of various style posts on which to mount your frame. Generally, exhibit bases are made from aluminum or steel extrusions. The styles available are NPS-style and BEST-EXhibits-style.
  • Do I need an exhibit base?
  • You only need an exhibit base if you are interested in the National Park Service-style frames, or if you want aluminum posts which will match your frame. The standard BEST-EXhibits frame mounts to wood posts, so you do not need an exhibit base.
  • Is assembly hardware included with the exhibit base?
  • Assembly hardware is included with all frames, including those which attach to exhibit bases. However, if you choose a surface mounted exhibit base your installer should supply the hardware to attach the exhibit base to the surface. Only your installer can recommend the correct hardware for this application based on your mounting surface. Pedestals are not furnished with assembly hardware. For pedestal hardware, please see your sign manufacturer.

  • What is a Pedestal?
  • A pedestal is a post with a welded plate or angles to which the sign material that is generally ½” thick or greater is attached. These sign materials are self supporting and do not require frames.
  • Is assembly hardware included with pedestals?
  • Pedestals are not furnished with hardware to attach your sign to the pedestal. For pedestal hardware, please see your sign manufacturer. If you choose a surface mounted pedestal your installer should supply the hardware to attach the pedestal to the surface. Only your installer can recommend the correct hardware for this application based on your mounting surface.
  • How is my sign attached to the pedestal?
  • Generally, your sign manufacturer will have tapped holes or inserts into the back side of the sign. Your pedestal will attach to the sign using screws which pass through the plate on the pedestal into the inserts on the back of the sign.
  • How can I be assured the holes in the pedestal will align with the holes in the back of my sign?
  • BEST-EXhibits can supply a sketch of the hole locations in the back plate to you or your sign manufacturer. We will also work with your sign manufacturer on custom layouts

General Information
  • May I see a sample of a BEST-EXhibits frame?
  • Yes! We have 8.5”x11” frames which we can send to you by UPS. You can keep the frame for a 30-day review, and then ship the frame back (freight prepaid) to BEST-EXhibits You will not be billed for the frame or outbound freight unless you choose to keep the frame.
  • What finishes are available for frames and pedestals?
  • Our standard finish is a weatherable black textured powder coat. Also available are textured powder coat finishes in NPS Brown, NPS Charcoal, and NPS Grey. The same NPS colors are also available in Sherwin Williams Polane and Matthews paint coatings. Numerous other powder coat, wet coat finishes are available, as well as anodizing. If you prefer, frames can be purchased without a finish. Colors and finishes other than weatherable black powder coat may be subject to an additional charge. If you want colors or finishes matched, you should have a sample of your color, or a PMS or RAL color number.
  • Can I get a touch up kit for paint or powder coat?
  • For touch up kits we offer a small bottle of exterior paint color matched to your purchase at a reasonable cost. Quantities are also available. Larger quantities may be more economical to source locally, as UPS shipments of paint are subject to additional charges. We can send you a color chip to take to your local hardware store for color matching. Often you can also source a suitable spray paint to use for touch up
  • Does BEST-EXhibits also make signs?
  • No. BEST-EXhibits is a light gauge metal fabricator. We think we should stick to what we do best. We feel the graphics and signage is best done by other professionals in those fields. If you would prefer to purchase your products from only one business, we will gladly refer you to graphic designers or sign manufacturers we work with on a regular basis who also sell our frames, exhibit bases, and pedestals. We are also happy to work directly with your graphics and signage professionals to make your project a success.
  • How long will it take for my sign to arrive?
  • Our standard lead time is 6 – 8 weeks after the receipt of your order and credit approval. Lead time may vary if orders have special requirements. If you have a deadline you need to meet, please discuss that time line with us early in your project.
  • What options do I have for payment?
  • BEST-EXhibits offers terms of net 30 with approved credit and a credit acknowledgement on file at BEST-EXhibits Otherwise, we accept MasterCard/Visa/Discover and checks. You can also pay 50% down at the time of order, with the balance due at shipment. Or, you can secure your order with a credit card, and pay for the order at time of shipment.
  • How will my order be shipped?
  • Most products can be shipped by UPS. Depending upon the quantity or the size of the products ordered, it may be necessary to ship by common carrier (truck). Most shipping companies have additional charges for residential delivery. If you have special delivery requirements such as a lift gate truck, be sure to specify that when you order. Also, most trucking companies have additional charges for residential delivery. Any delivery requirements which are not revealed at time of order, will be charged under separate invoice after delivery.
  • How will my order be packaged?
  • We have standard shipping containers for most of our products. However, larger orders may be bulk packaged in order to reduce freight costs and as part of our ongoing waste reduction/recycling efforts. If you have specific shipping requirements (crating, receiving issues), please discuss this with us when you place your order. Many single items can weigh 30 pounds or more.
  • How much will it cost to ship my order to me?
  • That depends on the quantity of frames ordered and where the frames are delivered. We will provide estimated shipping costs when you place your order if you desire. We have a minimum shipping charge of $58.00, and freight typically runs 14% of invoice.

Requesting a Quote or Placing an Order
  • What do I need to know before I order frames or exhibit bases from BEST-EXhibits?
    • what are the length and width of my sign(s)?
    • is the sign going to be positioned in the portrait or landscape orientation, or some or each?
    • what is the thickness of the sign material?
    • will I be using an acrylic sheet with my sign(s)? If you are, it needs to be included in the thickness of your sign material.
    • will the sign(s) be mounted at a 30 or 45 degree angle?
    • what is my frame being mounted on?
    • how many frames do I need?
    • what is my “ship-to” zip code for my freight quote?
    • do I need a lift gate to unload my shipment from the delivery truck?

Custom Fabrication
  • What kind of custom work can BEST-EXhibits do?
  • Our primary business is metal fabrication. We have state-of-the art fabrication equipment and experienced staff to work from your specifications or help you design a special exhibit base, frame, or pedestal, or custom fabricated product for your project.